Gure Kabi is in an excellent location that is right in the centre of Bilbao but on a side street that is far from noise and crowds so you can enjoy your meal in peace and quiet. Our restaurant is located on the same site as the famous Goizeko Kabi, keeping the bar high for an exceptional culinary tradition.

Our main dining room, with seating for 70, is on the ground floor and is decorated with a wonderful mural of the magnificent old San Mamés football stadium.

We also have two other private dining rooms on the upper floor that each have seating for up to 20 guests who can sit together in one room and increase the seating capacity to around 50 guests. That makes these spaces the perfect place for celebrations, anniversaries, company lunches or dinners or get togethers between family or friends.

You can celebrate your football team’s victories in all of our dining rooms in the company of your fellow supporters in a lively setting while enjoying the food of Gure Kabi. The spaces have audiovisual equipment where you can watch presentations or slide shows of all kinds of family celebrations or company get togethers.

We are right in the middle of one of Bilbao’s main leisure and restaurant areas where you can try some exquisite pintxos or have a drink before coming to our restaurant. You can also enjoy some free time at one of the businesses in the Abando area, which is Bilbao’s main business district.


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