If you don’t want to eat an entire dish we have a large number of dishes that are perfect for a casual lunch or dinner with your family or friends. Try our Dublin bay prawn and truffle croquettes, which were selected Best Croquette in Bilbao in 2016.

You can choose one of our many starters to share, from the mi-cuit terrine with raisin bread and forest fruit conserves to the homemade Galician mussels made with our own recipe. You can also choose from dishes that are perfect for vegetarians or anyone looking for a lighter option like traditional Gernika green peppers or Perón asparagus with Navarre denomination of origin. We also have a good selection of Iberian cold cuts and seafood.

Aside from starters, we can also make many of the dishes on our menu and serve them in portions to share among a table of guests so everyone can try a small portion of one of our specialities. This is a great option if you want to try a wide variety of dishes without eating a large amount.



Mixed salad

Tuna belly salad

Foie salad

Cod salad

Spider crab salad

Stuffed mushrooms

Fresh deep fried cuttlefish rings

Dublin bay prawn croquettes

Truffle croquettes

Black pudding with fried chilis and roasted red peppers

House style Galician mussels

Cecina from León in virgin olive oil and shaved Parmesan

Octopus carpaccio

Sirloin steak carpaccio

Special Perón asparagus D.O. Navarre

Artichokes stuffed with foie in PX sauce and pine nuts

Fried eggs to order

Sea urchin caviar scrambled eggs

Boletus and prawn scrambled eggs

Acorn fed Iberian cold cuts



Foie stuffed meatballs


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