Our dishes have the traditional flavour of the best Basque cuisine combined with a modern touch. We are proud of the wide range of food we offer that includes dishes for all tastes and we put a strong emphasis on the freshness of the seasonal products we use.

For an incredible experience we recommend starting with an Iberian board, a tuna belly or perhaps foie salad or one of our starters, which are perfect for sharing around the table, such as scrambled eggs with boletus or mushrooms, fresh grilled Huelva prawns, sailor’s clams or our award winning Dublin bay prawn croquettes.

And followed by that, an exceptional choice might be our famous rice with lobster, which is one of our most frequently ordered dishes.

At Gure Kabi we perfectly master the preparation of fish, especially hake and cod pil-pil, Biscayan or ajoarriero style, but also monkfish, sea bass or turbot, always local and fresh produce.

But if you prefer, we also have a good selection of Galician meat including grilled sirloin or entrecôte or a juicy stone grilled Cattle Chops ox rib-eye steak with a side dish, any of which would be an excellent choice.

And to finish, your meal can be bookended by one of our irresistible in-house desserts such as the home-made chocolate coulant with yoghurt ice cream, warm cheese cake topped with caramelized cane sugar… For fans of more traditional desserts the choices include, but are not limited to, our rice pudding or sheep’s milk curd, both with our special touch.

Our menu is accompanied by a wide selection of wines. Let us help you make a choice and enjoy the perfect pairing for your meal.



Micuit terrine with raisin bread and forest fruits comfiture

Green peppers from Gernika

Asparagus of Perón D.O. Navarra

Stuffed mushrooms with Gure Kabi sauce

Anchovies from Bermeo with Piquillo Peppers

Deep-fried fresh calamari slices

Creamy Dublin bay prawn croquettes

Truffle croquettes

Artichokes stuffed with Foie in a P.X. sauce and pine nut sauce

Broad beans from Lodosa Stir-fried with ham

Black pudding with fried chilli and roasted red peppers

Galician mussels in our style

Young lamb sweetbreads with matchstick chips

Sirloin steak Carpaccio with shaved Idiazabal cheese
and pine nuts


Mixed salad

Tuna belly loins with warm salad, red roasted peppers and
caramelized onion

Cod served with warm salad, baked vegetables and light
Pil Pil sauce

Foie salad with toasted nuts and dried fruits vinaigrette


Acorn-fed Iberian ham bruschetta with olive oil and parsley

Acorn-fed Iberian pork loin

Iberian ham assortment

Cured and smoked meat from León in virgin olive oil
and shaved parmesan


Grilled prawns from Huelva

Galician style octopus

Peppers stuffed with Txangurro (Crab)

Cockles with garlic

Razor shells

Clams in green sauce or marinara sauce

Clawed lobster

Soft-shell Crab


Goose barnacles

Spiny lobster


Rice with clawed lobster (Min. 2 Per)

Rice with clams in green sauce (Min. 2 Per)

Creamy rice with young lamb sweetbreads and
Boletus (Min. 2 Per)


Gorrotxategi eggs with ham or txorizo

Gorrotxategi Gure Kabi eggs (With gulas (elver substitute), potatoes, prawns and sea urchin caviar)

Gorrotxategi eggs with truffle and Foie

Scrambled eggs with sea urchin caviar in brick pastry

Scrambled eggs with Boletus and prawns in a brick pastry
with tomato


Ondarresa Style hake

Battered hake snacks with Begihaundis (Large calamari)

Breaded hake with Piquillo peppers

Hake nape (2 Per)

Cod al Pil Pil style or Biscay style

Cod Ajorriero style (cooked with oil, garlic and peppers)

Cod al Pil Pil style and Cod Biscay Style Tasting

Cod Kokotxas (Cheeks) al Pil Pil style or Breaded

Begihaundis (Large calamari) in its ink with croutons

Line-caught monkfish (2 Per)

Line-caught turbot (2 Per)

Line-caught sea bass


Beef chop stone grilled with garnish

Large grilled beef entrecote

Grilled sirloin steak

Sirloin steak with foie, rose petals and onion chutney

Sirloin steak with Idiazabal cheese cream

Foie-stuffed meatballs with gravy

Grilled foie with P.X. sauce reduction

Breaded pig’s trotters in Biscayne sauce

Oxtail stew with Tempranillo wine

Tripe and pig cheeks with Matchstick Chips


Warm cheesecake topped with caramalized cane sugar
and served with homemade ice cream

Homemade chocolate coulant with frozen yogurt

Pastry cream filled Canutillos (Conical Wafers)
with hot chocolate

“Arroz con Leche de Caserío” (Rice Pudding)

Sheep’s milk curd

Manchego cheese and quince jelly with walnuts

Assorted ice cream

Green apple sorbet

Tangerine sorbet

Homemade dessert assorment

Valenciano, Scottish Coffee, Irish Coffee



Mixed salad

Tuna belly salad

Foie salad

Cod salad

Spider crab salad

Stuffed mushrooms

Fresh deep fried cuttlefish rings

Dublin bay prawn croquettes

Truffle croquettes

Black pudding with fried chilis and roasted red peppers

House style Galician mussels

Cecina from León in virgin olive oil and shaved Parmesan

Octopus carpaccio

Sirloin steak carpaccio

Special Perón asparagus D.O. Navarre

Artichokes stuffed with foie in PX sauce and pine nuts

Fried eggs to order

Sea urchin caviar scrambled eggs

Boletus and prawn scrambled eggs

Acorn fed Iberian cold cuts



Foie stuffed meatballs


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